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Passenger Car, SUV & VAN Tyres

Aeolus Tyres was founded in 1965. The Chinese brand has a rock solid reputation, is growing strongly and is among the Top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world. Each year, Aeolus produces circa 5,5 million tyres for a wide range of vehicles.

Aeolus has been active in the European market since 2002. From the very outset, all sizes of truck and trailer tyres and earth-moving tyres have been successful. Aeolus also introduced a specific range of agricultural tyres, as well as the Aeolus Ace series: a superb range of passenger vehicle tyres.

Aeolus has very close links with its fixed partners, which allows it to always quickly meet the needs of users when developing new tyres.

Developing the ideal tyre in every range in all sectors and optimising the entire assortment are among the highest priorities. This has also been incorporated into the Aeolus vision: during development and production, it aims to fulfil the wishes of customers as effectively as possible – after all, they are entitled to perfect products, which are manufactured using the very latest methods.